TouchTunes is the largest in-venue interactive music and entertainment platform, featured in over 60,000 bars and restaurants across North America. Drive revenue in your bar risk free. Gametime Amusements will deliver and install a TouchTunes free of charge and split profits each month to locations in New York or New Jersey.

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Sleek and Stylish

TouchTunes comes in two state of the art forms, the TouchTunes Playdium and TouchTunes Virtuo. Both are small and compact and will fit on any wall in your bar. With a sleek, intuitive design it will look good anywhere. Music is core to the TouchTunes experience and the latest smart jukebox learns from the music most played in a location and adapts over time to highlight the songs, artists and search results that are most relevant.

  • Control the music to fit the mood of your bar.
  • Karaoke controls for running special events.
  • A photobooth
  • Owners and Customers control and use the device directly from their mobile phone.

Additional Products

GameTime Amusements proudly offers a variety of digital jukeboxes in addition to the popular TouchTunes Pladium and TouchTunes Virtuo. These products include the TouchTunes Ovation, TouchTunes Allegro, and AMI NGX.

TouchTunes Ovation

TouchTunes Ovation

TouchTunes Allegro

TouchTunes Allegro




Why Should you get a TouchTunes for your Location?

Gametime has been installing and servicing Touch Tunes digital jukeboxes in NJ and NY since they hit the market. Internet jukeboxes allow customers to play what they want. We take care of all the installations and we supply speakers to compliment the sound system. The boxes come with free background music and we filter out any unwanted music genres. The bar owner is given complete control over the jukebox and its content. We can add or remove songs in minutes at your request.

The Touch Tunes Jukeboxes can switch back and forth between your background music and the customers play on the jukebox. They will not interfere with each other and we will provide you with Bose Speakers and a bass all free of charge. You will always have music playing, but if someone plays the jukebox it switches to that song and then back to your music when the song is over. We also can have up to 3 different sound zones for your establishment so you can have the volume higher or lower in different areas.

They come in all sizes including wall units. They take up a minimal amount of space and look great. You also get a remote with volume control, a pause button, and a kill button. And remember we can filter out any genres of music you do not want in your establishment. TouchTunes Digital jukeboxes are the way to go, but we still have CD jukeboxes as well.

TouchTunes also gives customers, a web site where users can create their own personal play lists for the new generation of broadband jukeboxes. The myTouchTunes Mobile Application takes the TouchTunes user experience to an entirely new level allowing myTouchTunes users to access their account, find nearby myTouchTunes locations and play music on a TouchTunes jukebox directly from their mobile device. Customers can play the jukebox without leaving their seat.

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